Course guarantee


We are very confident that our trainees will be more than satisfied with any of the courses on offer. However, we realize that nobody’s perfect and for this reason we accept that occasionally our training may not have lived up to your expectations. By using our post-course evaluation form we can identify the problems and hopefully discuss any issues directly with the delegate. Any poor evaluations given on the course content will give the trainee acceptance to apply for a free repeat re-sit for the course. That is the unique TutorCAD Guarantee, giving you peace of mind for your training investment.

Guarantee Terms

Any trainees who has been given a free repeat re-sit acceptance can apply for the next available scheduled course dates subject to availability, to be held at the TutorCAD Training Centre in Manchester.  Normally Private or On-site courses are unique but they can also be included in our free repeat re-sit so long as they attend a suitable standard scheduled course available at the TutorCAD Training Centre in Manchester. Offer is only applicable for one repeat free re-sit.


Applications for free repeat re-sit courses expire within six months of the original course start date. Booking applications cannot be accepted prior to 10-days before the required new course start date.

Course Manuals

It is a condition of the free re-sit course that trainees use their original manuals given to them.

Original Trainee

Only the original trainee can attend our free re-sit courses.

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