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Our CAD Hints and Tips section has become a very popular resource, and hopefully make you even more productive. You can be sure it will be updated at regular intervals, so please come back again soon!


Edit Polylines & Splines easier (2011/LT2011)
To add or remove a vertex point within Polylines or Splines required a separate edit command to be used. A mid-point grip was not available
New secondary grips on Polyline midpoints are available. All grips on Polylines and Splines are multi-functional, try pausing on a grip and view the add and remove vertex options .

Scaling geometry in one axis only
The Scale command is only for uniform scales in the x, y and z axis.
Make a temporary block of the geometry required and on block insertion you can scale in any one axis only to suit. Explode the block and purge if necessary.

Eliminate bugs and update your software.
No ones perfect, and the first release of software can contain “unwanted features”
Always download the latest service packs as available. Copy and paste the link shown below into your search engine and then choose the product to update.

Easy transfer of Viewport Layer States.
Transferring Viewport Layer States to another Layout or drawing can be tedious using the Layer States Manager.
Use the Wblock command to create a block out of the viewport and insert as required. Explode the block and the layers states are transferred!

Zoom Extents more accessible.
The Zoom Extents command is frequently used but not easily accessible.
Using a Microsoft compatible mouse with a scroll wheel, try double-clicking the wheel.

Easy copy shortcut.
Certain objects need to be copied but not required until later on, and at different times. Using the normal Copy or Insert command can be tedious.
Select the object(s) you require for copying later and use the Windows shortcut Ctrl+C (you can use Ctrl+Shift+C to also choose an unique base point). Then when ready, use Ctrl+V and repeat as needed.

Attibute text change only.
Using the newer Eattedit command may over-complicate the changes required.
If you only need to change the text values, use the older Attedit command instead.

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